Ali Express | Ali Baba 1 Star

all my products are stuck in customs in my country Ali Express do nothing I will leave them there and delete my account I was going to setup drop shipping at my new website and just purchasing some sample products for my social media shopping platform multi vendor websites but I am not as I am so frustrated with Ali Express because of Ali Express very poor customer service. Ali Express have not contacted me about my products stuck at customs. I paid the cost of the products plus shipping to my door until these products are delivered to me it is not my problem , until the products Ali Express sold me are delivered to my door the products are Ali Express problem as far as I am concern the products I purchased are not delivered so I will be ticking the box not delivered not received. There’s no email contacts to email Ali Express no contact info to speak to any one at Ali Express just Ai not which is useless. One time I purchase a $25 product total cost including shipping $75 I open the product up and part of the product was damage so I as for a refund Ali Express agreed with me but it was going to cost me $50 to ship back to Ali Express so I would have no product and cost me $125.00 this is unreasonable the cost of return should be the sellers cost as they did not take care to pack product carefully so I chuck the product in the bin where it belongs.

In most cases the shipping from Ali Express is double the cost of the product. The amount of false advertising that is presented to customer example a USB plug will be the product which price is advertised when click on advert the real product is worth a lot more I have many examples of advertising a camera but they are actually selling a cable but just stick a camera photo in the advert to lead a customer to believe they are buying the camera but all that’s delivered is a cable. I give Ali Express 1 star.

*Response to Ali Express Reply*
I just written a whole lot of issues ?
Your response to that is contact Ali Express help centre which is operated by a useless Help Bot ? Help Centre Lol. When you have customers you need some sort of human contact ? You have no email address for support all Ali Express have going for them is cheap products until the shipping get added then the shipping can cost more than the product. The fact that I am here at Trust Pilot is to prove your help center doesn’t work ? Your reply is so typical of a none involvement reply you did not respond to my issue stated in my review if you think I am going to waste my time dealing with a useless Help Bot and if that’s your only support you offer then I am closing my account any body can sell cheap products but companies can provide support to those products my opinion as quick as shoppers came to your website they will leave just as quick as I am fortunate for as I had just setup 4 website to sell drop shipping products from Alibaba but I will not deal with a company that can not value it’s customer